Highest Paid Upwork Freelancers: Top Earners on Upwork

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4 min readSep 5, 2023

Today, we’re diving into the world of freelancing and taking a look at some of the highest-paid Upwork freelancers.

As per information from Simplywall.st, Upwork is helmed by CEO Hayden Brown, who assumed the role in January 2020. Her annual remuneration stands at an impressive $8.47 million. This comprehensive package breaks down into a salary accounting for 6.5%, while the lion’s share of 93.5% comes from various bonuses, encompassing company stock and options. Notably, Hayden Brown also boasts direct ownership of 0.75% of the company’s shares, a substantial holding valued at $14.12 million.

Stephane Kasreil (Former Upwork CEO) on CNBC in 2018: “The highest paid freelancer on Upwork, by the way, last year made $2.5M USD.”

Our journey begins with the UI/UX design maestros who are crafting seamless user experiences.

Ihar K. — UX/UI Design Extraordinaire

We kick off with Ihar K. from Warsaw, Poland. With a jaw-dropping total earning of over $600K and 97% job success, Ihar has completed a whopping 447 jobs and logged over 10,000 hours. His expertise in high-conversion-focused design and mastery of tools like Figma make him a force to be reckoned with.

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GUICHENG Q. — Engineering Guru

Next up, we have Guicheng Q. from Shenzhen, China. Guicheng has made an impressive $700K+ from 262 jobs, specializing in everything from DFM, prototype, tooling, injection molding, to sheet metal/CNC manufacturing.

Sudhanshu Kumar K. — Full Stack Developer Extraordinaire

Hailing from Mohali, India, Sudhanshu Kumar K. has banked over $300K from his work in mobile app development and full-stack development. With a 100% job success rate, he’s the go-to expert for PHP Laravel, ReactJS, NextJS, and more.

Moving on, let’s explore the world of graphic design.

Aldwin Tagart A. — Graphic Design Maven

Moving on, let’s explore the world of graphic design. Aldwin Tagart A. from Cebu City, Philippines has raked in over $500K from a staggering 1,368 jobs. An illustration and vector expert, Aldwin’s creativity knows no bounds.

Mariusz O. — Graphic Design Virtuoso

Hailing from Opole, Poland, Mariusz O. is not only a graphic design pro but also an email expert. With over $500K in earnings and a knack for platforms like MailChimp, SalesForce, and HubSpot, Mariusz offers a unique blend of skills.

Moving on to the realm of Financial Wizards.

Giorgi N. — Financial Analysis & Modeling Maestro

From Tbilisi, Georgia, Giorgi N. steps into the spotlight with his expertise in financial analysis and modeling. He’s raised a staggering 750M+ USD and has worked on pitch decks, financial models, valuations, and more.

Guoxin C. — Sourcing & Procurement Expert

Hailing from Shanghai, China, Guoxin C. is a sourcing and procurement powerhouse. With $400K+ in earnings from over 400 jobs, he’s a top choice for supply chain and logistics project management.

Now, let’s dive into the minds of Creative Design experts.

Sergey G. — Senior Fullstack Web Developer

Jumping to Lviv, Ukraine, we have Sergey G., a senior fullstack web developer. With $400K+ earnings and a vast skill set, he’s a go-to for web development needs.

Oren T. — Sr. Graphic Designer

From Long Beach, United States, Oren T. brings his expertise in brand identity design and web design. With earnings surpassing $400K, he’s worked on 718 jobs, showcasing his skills in UI/UX branding, animation, and more.

Let’s shift our focus to the Tech Titans.

Joshua B. — Microsoft SQL Server DBA

Joshua B. hails from Versailles, United States. With earnings reaching $900K+, he’s proven his mettle as a Microsoft SQL Server DBA, ranking in the top 1 percent on Upwork.

Evan Heron F. — Financial Management/CFO Specialist

Evan Heron F. from Alpharetta, United States, brings financial management and CFO skills to the table. With earnings exceeding $1M, he’s a pitch deck expert who’s raised over 5 billion USD.

Evan E. — Digital Marketing Maven

Evan E. from Spokane, United States, shines in the digital marketing arena. With over $1M in earnings and a Google certification, he’s a seasoned pro with 15+ years of experience.

Visual Wizards take the spotlight next.

Morgan O. — Expert Graphic Designer

Morgan O. from Fort Lauderdale, United States, has accumulated over $600K in earnings through expert graphic design work. His talents have even been featured in Business Insider.

Courtney A. — PowerPoint Wizard

From Atlanta, United States, Courtney A. takes the stage as a presentation design extraordinaire. With a jaw-dropping $2M+ in earnings, she’s truly a PowerPoint wizard.

Concluding our journey through the Tech Gurus.

Utibe Benson O. — Cloud, Data, and Full Stack Engineer

Coming from Lagos, Nigeria, Utibe Benson O. is a tech powerhouse. His skills span cloud engineering, data engineering, and full-stack development, earning him over $400K.

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Kingsley O. — React/React-Native Developer

Also from Lagos, Nigeria, Kingsley O. has earned an impressive $600K+ with his expertise in React and React-Native development.

And there you have it, folks! These are the crème de la crème of Upwork freelancers, each showcasing their unique talents and skills. They’re not only making a name for themselves but also setting new records for earnings on this platform. We hope this video has been insightful and inspiring. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more exciting content. Until next time, stay creative and keep on freelancing!



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